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SMART XENON, the first connected barrier on infrastructure.

✔️ During the testing campaign of the new ROUSSEAU barrier at the TRANSPOLIS test site, the XENON N2 and H2 road restraint systems were equipped with sensors to measure vehicle impacts during the crash test.

🚨 The SMART XENON concept will allow road operators to be alerted in case of an accident involving the restraint systems, providing real-time information about the type of equipment involved and its location.

We are launching the concept validation phase in real-world conditions in 2023, in collaboration with our two partners. The project has already received significant support and a warm welcome at the International INTERTRAFFIC Exhibition in April, where it was presented in Amsterdam.

For road managers interested in the project, you can contact Morgana at the following address:

We would like to thank our partners RFTrack and IRDL – UMR CNRS 6027, as well as the excellence clusters ID4CAR, EMC2, Image&Réseaux, and the Brittany Region for their support.