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About us

40 years experience in bridge parapets

Founded in Brittany in 1976, Rousseau CE Barriers & Guardrails is a domestical recognized name in metalworking and road safety development. Steady growth in the bridgework sector led to the company’s specialization in bridge and viaduct barriers and guard rails. Rousseau’s focus remains on the design, manufacture, and installation of road restraint systems for vehicles and pedestrians.

Our patented products are the hallmarks of Rousseau’s efficient, professional service and set us apart in a demanding market of ever-evolving regulatory, performance and durability requirements. Today, Rousseau is a leader in France for bridge safety structures and the company’s renown has grown to include international markets as well.

40 years experience in bridge parapets

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Our Commitments

In-house manufacturing :

We manufacture our products in our production facility in Lanrodec, in Brittany

Unique answer for each need :

Our integrated engineering department delivers technical solutions tailored to each road safety project

10-years warranty on Rousseau products :

We have developed hot-dip galvanized process with dedicated partners to protect our steel barriers and guardrails