conception de produits CE Rousseau


Design and engineering

Rousseau’s integrated engineering department delivers technical solutions tailored to road safety project drafts submitted by project managers and supervisors. Project engineers examine the element
installation parameters, perform site feasibility studies, and ensure all regulatory standards are met.

Design CE marked Road Restraint System : Ovalie Experience

The Ovalie safety barriers is based on 40 years’ experience alongside with civil engineering contractors and motorways owners for the benefit of final road users.

The main reason was to meet the requirements of the European Standard EN1317.
At the very beginning of the R&D program, we had designed safety barriers which should have reached containment level H2. Thanks to their performance and the successful crash-test, we decided to upgrade these barriers. The Ovalie safety barriers reached to pass containment level H3 in accordance with EN 1317.

The Ovalie safety barriers are the result of decades of experiences and performance optimization in order to manufacture the best products which combine modern design with high level of safety.
These barriers have also been designed to assure excellent dynamic deflection, combined with a high restraint capacity and very low impact severity for the vehicle occupants.

The Ovalie safety barriers took the most of French BN4 features, but with better performance and less weight. The Ovalie safety barriers provide the highest quality of product by optimising solutions which exceed CE standards.
To design the Ovalie safety barriers, we had to follow the whole process: design, computational mechanics calculations, manufacturing mock-up before full crash-tests which allowed the homologation of our barriers.

The year 2013 was a turning point for Rousseau. In our market, the Ovalie safety barriers was the first to be crash-tested in France.
As manufacturer, we have been committed to providing the highest level of quality to our customers. Our expert teams, fully equipped with specialist plant machinery and facilities work hard to maintain these standards and the reputation for excellence that we have heard.